Monday, December 24, 2012

A Sort of Intro

My first entry is, fittingly, in an airport.  I love to travel.  I love the “getting there” as well as the “in transit” parts of it.  Promising myself I wouldn’t marry someone who didn’t also enjoy traveling, it wasn’t until Mr. Day had returned from a number of overseas quests before I was fully free to consider marriage(though don’t get me wrong, I wanted to).  When he told me he could see himself living abroad someday, I rejoiced.  So here we are reading and writing together, waiting for a flight to take us home for the holidays.

I am the type of person who will consider, consider, consider for too long before making a decision.  Much of the time after making the decision I’ll consider why I waited so long or what I may miss out on in those other forgone options.  All that being said (as my dear friend would say), I’ve decided to just start writing even if it isn’t the perfect beginning.  Who knows, maybe this will save me from many more days of over-analyzing.  No sparks, no grand story to set me on a course to blog-fame, but a huge accomplishment, if only for the creator.

I hope these entries will serve three purposes:

 As a creative and sometimes cathartic outlet for myself and perhaps my hubby (if he so chooses, which he should because he’s a wonderful writer).
 As a relief to all those tuning in that they aren’t alone in the ups and downs of life and
 As a place to develop a better understanding of the true purposes of living.

Thanks for reading, and I hope we all find what we’re looking for, or at least what we need.

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