Friday, August 30, 2013

The sweetest Day

This is my daughter, Ruth.  Isn't she beautiful?!  I'm pretty much obsessed with taking her picture.  She always looks right at the camera.  So helpful. Ruth is such a gift to my life.  I am so thankful for her.  I only hope I am teaching her as much about life as she is teaching me.

For example:

Everyone spits up sometimes, might as well have no shame about it.

A smile offered is something to be very excited about.

Smile back!

Sleep is good.  Do it as often as you can.

To be held is one of the most comforting things in the world.  

Music makes everyone happy.

It's ok to cry.

Sacrificing truth to people-please is at the root dishonest.  Be transparent.  Babies never lie and that's beautiful.

Innocence is mesmerizing.  

Joy is mysterious.  Once lost, it can be found again.

Being needed in some capacity gives great purpose to life.

What have you learned from children (your own or others)?

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