Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Future Fun

I saw this wonderful contraption on a blog I follow today.

Isn't this awesome?!  It's like a souped-up version of a Radio Flyer.  Those Dutch.  They really know how to live.  Basically, I want to buy this so Ruth and I can have some wicked awesome summer fun in a couple years... but I wouldn't be against the idea of being chauffeured around in the buggy by Ryan nowadays.  What would you do with this if you could get your hands on it?  Sell homemade goodies?   Give free rides?  Flower planter?


  1. Oh man! I see one of these around NYC all the time. I always think about how magical it must be to be the kid who rides around in that thing all day :)

    x elizabeth of thompson & prince

  2. Haha seriously! It would have been a dream for me as a little girl.